About Us

Our company was founded in 1999, professional service, responsible for the management, product planning, for the company's business philosophy.
We are divided Into 3 departments--
1. Machine sales business department
2. After sale maintenance department
3. mechanical parts sales department

We are Taiwan agents for professional of CNC machine, except for having full of marketing team and high precision quality mechanical supply network, we also can provide our customers for different of demand and best products, to create customer maximum production profit, and meet to whole turnkey set equipped with output of demand.

Furthermore, our company has ourselves of electromechanical integration engineers’ after-service team and made Netherlands commercial HARDINGE international well-known CNC machine factory of agent right. We have considerable advantage on technical standard of the company than other agents, whether in machine sales warranty service or simply mechanical maintenance, can provide powerful of technology support, best of quality guarantee and also can reduce customer maintenance cost.

Vision with international, based in Taiwan is this company on future of prospect, so since A. D. 2000, our company business range has expanded to China continental, Singapore and Viet Nam, too. Viet Nam for main development focus, based company’s continued operating of concept, was gradually expansion operating project. Since 2013, we established CNC machine Taiwan show room as a department and increased parts processing, provide customer more functional of service.